Our unique and innovative approach allows self-inspection by claimants using their smartphone.

  • Loss statement prepared from photos supplied by claimant (not available in PA, VA, MA)
  • Claimants can photograph vehicle or property damage using their iPhones, Androids, or digital cameras
  • ACE auditor prepares statement of loss using Mitchell UltraMate™ and labor rate database
  • The photo app is emailed to the claimant with instructions on taking photos and uploading them to OnSource, then OnSource performs quality assurance and ACE creates a statement of loss using the photos

PhotoQuote is perfect for:

  • Low severity drivable and predicted total loss claims
  • Low severity property claims & triage for larger losses/CAT response
  • Scene documentation of accidents, slips & falls, other injuries
  • Validation of auto and property estimates/work completion
  • Documentation for loss control and underwriting

The OnSource app allows claimants to submit photos of damages, coaching them through each step including uploading. We prepare estimates from the photos and you pay the claim - fast.

Self-inspection not an option? Never fear! The OnSource network of 10,000 uniformed field inspectors is available for photos, video, and measurements.