Founded in 1988, ACE was the original outsource for auto physical damage desk reviews.

Since then we’ve demonstrated to many hundreds of claims executives that what we do is not only possible, but necessary. Desk reviews of both auto and property repair estimates are now widely considered a part of life in today’s claims industry. There is no better way to reduce both expense and indemnity for auto and property claims than an ACE repair estimate audit.

How are we different than our competitors, all of which followed us? For one thing, we don’t guaranty to save any certain amount of money. That would present our auditors with a conflict of interest. Our auditors are not shooting for net savings, they are auditing estimates for fairness and accuracy. When there is nothing to be saved, there is nothing to be saved. When a shop writes a tight and fair estimate, ACE pronounces it as such, and you can pay it with peace of mind.

Also, we have auditors that are licensed appraisers in every licensing state. With an average of seventeen years in some aspect of the auto body repair industry, the person handling your claims is an experienced expert in the field.

So let us know how we can help. The rule of thumb is, “If it moves we do it, if it doesn’t move we do it.” Something in your P&C orbit probably fits that bill, and we’re here to make it cost less.

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